Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities in Gatesville, Texas

Machine CNC Lathes

At Padgett Machine Tools, we have solutions to all of your CNC turning needs. With a large warehouse full of a variety of CNC lathes and turning centers, we provide clients with the capability to achieve their goals. With multi-axis live tooling lathes, most dimensions are easily achievable and executed with precision. Our machine technology is also able to ensure that parts are optimized and fit the requirements of our clients. Our high-quality CNC lathes are among the best in the industry and deliver superior products for clients across central Texas.

CNC Lathes Options

  • CNC Robotic Loader
  • Automatic Barfeeders
  • Multi-Axis Live Tooling Lathes
    • Including Y-axis
    • Maximum Turning Diameter 16“
    • Maximum Length 60“
    • Through-hole Maximum Diameter 4.625“

Multi-Axis Live Tooling

CNC lathe machines are utilized for cutting symmetrical, cylindrical, and spherical parts. This advanced technology can precisely cut through and manipulate objects while turning the material. With multi-axis CNC lathes, multiple processes can be achieved simultaneously without having to move the material. This capability allows for increased production rates and a decrease in costs. CNC lathes are the perfect way to produce anything from quick prototypes to high-volume production.

Machining (Mills) in Gatesville, Texas

Welcome to Padgett Machine Tools, where we provide some of the best machining and mills services in central Texas. Our complete in-house machine shop offers a wide array of machining services from precision test sample preparation to custom fixture building to prototype machining; we have the tools to do it all. With such an ample supply of machines, we can provide clients with specialty products that are precise and optimized. If you need machining services, look no further than Padgett Machine Tools.

Superior Machining

We operate under the premise ‘Your parts are only as good as your machines.’ This is why we use Mori Seiki machines tools. They are simply the best tools for the job. The innovative designs of these machines allow them to be superior in accuracy, task repetition, and durability. As part of our mission statement, we continually seek out the most advanced and capable machines in this industry. Whatever your project is, you can trust it with our exceptional equipment.

Our Machines and Dimensions

Padgett Machine Tools own a wide variety of CNC production equipment from standard chuckers to dual turret lathe, and multi-axis live tooling lathes. The majority of our equipment is from Mori Seiki, thus giving our customers the accuracy, repeatability, and reliability they have come to expect.

CNC Multi-Axis Lathes

  • Mori Seiki NY 2500Y 10″ Chuck/LNS Steady Auto Rest/Y-Axis
  • Mori Seiki NL2500MC 12″ Chuck/Live Tool/C-Axis
  • Mori Seiki ZL45 18″ Chuck/48″ Z-Axis Travel Dual Turret/Max Turn 21.00″
  • Wasino J5 Robiti Leader CNC Lathe/8″ Chuck 22″ Centers

CNC Lathes

  • 2 Mori Seiki SL35 CNC Lathes 12″ Chucks 3.625 Through-Hole/ 30″ Centers
  • Mori Seiki SL25 CNC Lathes 10″ Chucks 3.625 Through-Hole/30″ Centers
  • 2 SL35/Samsung 15″ Chuck 60″ Between Centers with 14.500 Full Wrap Steady Rest
  • 2 Mori Seiki NLX2500 30 HP/10″ Chuck/3.625 Through Holes

Vertical Machining Centers

  • Mori Seiki SV50 with 10” Kitagawa Fourth Axis 20” x 40” Table Cat 40
  • Mori Seiki MV55 with 12” Kitagawa Rotary Table 24” x 55” Table Cat 50
  • Doosan 55” x 30” Table with 12,000 RPM 30 Horse Power
  • Okuma 40” x 20” Table with 12,000 RPM 20 Horse Power

Stamp Machines

  • 3 Dapra Dot Stamp Machines (Portable)
  • 1 Columbia Roll Stamp Machine (6″ Marking Window)

Through Spindle High-Pressure CoolantCAD/CAM Services

  • 5-Axis Machining
  • 12,000 Maximum RPM
  • 20′ X 60″ Table

Sawing Equipment

At Padgett Machine Tools, we provide our community with precision sawing capable of meeting special requirements. Our saws are perfect for anything from prototypes to high-volume production. With automatic band saws, we can produce products and measurements at a rapid pace. Powered by industrial-grade hydraulic systems, our saws can perform autonomously, making for reduced production time and smooth results. These band saws are also extremely safe, with automatic features that enforce the safest requirements.

Sawing Equipment

  • 3 Automatic Band Saws
  • Maximum Saw Diameter 21“

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