Quality Lab in Gatesville, Texas

In our industry, clients require much more than complex machining. That’s why we were excited to expand our services with a quality lab. As an essential part of the overall success of machining, quality labs are in high demand within the industry. At Padgett Machine Tools, we have worked diligently to evolve and improve our lab to meet modern machining requirements. Our quality lab provides specialized services with coordinate measuring machines, optical comparators, and even gage maker software. We are continually developing our services to represent the latest technologies and are proud to be one of the best quality labs in central Texas.

Quality Lab Equipment and Services

Over the years, we have worked to expand our quality lab services as new technologies arose. Today, we can provide a wide range of quality lab services to our client base. The technologies that we have include the following;

  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Optical Comparator
  • Gage Maker Software & Tools
  • Hardness Tester, (HRC/BHN)
  • Climate Control Lab/Shop Floor
  • SPC Capable
  • Multiple Thread Gages, Micrometers, & Bore Gages

For more information about our quality lab, please call us today at 254-865-9771